Document Reference titles: Drag & drop URL from browser to Document References

Hi to you amazing Scrivener developers…

It would be a valuable feature if the webpage “Page Title” was concatenated to the “URL” to form the title of a new “Document Reference” when dragging a URL from a browser address bar into the “Document References” panel.

I love this drag an drop feature and use it constantly when gathering research. However, currently I have to manually re-title every document reference because only the site name is placed in the reference title. This is time-consuming when doing a lot of online research, so improving this feature might be a valuable enhancement to Scrivener.

For example, when I drag and drop the wikipedia page for "Scrivener (software)" to the document references panel it creates a document reference entitled “” If I drag another wikipedia page, (e.g. to the document references panel it too is entitled “” So I now have two references in my Document References panel that both look like this:

It would be a great improvement if I automatically had two references in my Document References panel that looked like this instead:
- - Scrivener (software) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This additional information can be found when you “view source code” for the web page, and look for the data between the tags. e.g. Scrivener (software) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It just needs to be appended to the web page address when creating the Document Reference and viola!

With much gratitude for Scrivener :slight_smile:

All the best

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