Document references hardcoding folder paths

In “Document References” I often keep links to folders on the filesystem which contain files that I need to reference. I do this simply by drag/dropping the folder into Document References, which creates a nice link, which can later be opened with right click, then “Open File Location”. The problem is that apparently, that filesystem path is hardcoded, such that if I later move the folder to a different location in the filesystem (or rename it), the link is now broken. Imagine dozens/hundreds of such links and you can imagine the problem. With current behavior, this feature is useless. Hopefully this bug will be fixed such that relative links are created instead of absolute links.

An absolute link in Doc Refs isn’t a bug; it’s a document’s full address on your system. A relative link is just incomplete. We need a full record of our document’s address, not just in relation to the Scriv binder of the moment. And of course if we move our destination folder, a relative link will fail just as surely as an absolute. Relative links are intended for cases where you’re likely to move the referring and referenced documents in tandem, as when moving a web site from development to production.

I think you may be looking for a dynamic link, and that’s not a realistic prospect, as Scrivener would have to track folder operations extrinsic to it.

That all said, some database tools to facilitate mass updates in the binder would make a worthy enhancement. I’ve written scripts to mass-update the .scrivx binder file, and am finding that Scrivener is fussier about the changes wrought by my filters, less likely to recognize them than it was in earlier releases. Some checksum now in operation?

Rgds – Jerome

What you ask duende, cannot be achieved by a single application, but by the OS only. I am not aware of anything like this under Windows. Even symbolic links under Linux fail if you move files. Windows shortcut are also broken, if you move their target. Long story short, what you ask is not a problem of Scrivener, and is not available in any OS or software, as far as I am aware.

The .scrivx file is not intended to be user editable, and this is unlikely to change. If your work depends on this capability, you may be happier with tools other than Scrivener.


A little abrupt, perhaps? Support the capability or not. I’ve programmatically added and populated a date value in Doc Refs, and a DocID in custom meta, across at least 7000 documents. Bad me.


But please understand that both your application and your programming ability lie far outside of Scrivener’s intended applications or audience.


I’ve handled similar issues by mapping a folder on my system to a drive letter.

For example, I store images in the folder for a project (and insert them as links to save space, make backups faster), but when the working title changes to the final title, I want to rename the folder. When that happens, I remap the drive letter.

That isn’t a great solution. Could Scrivener include the ability to set a path such as “.\images\picture.jpg”?