Document References Trashed

Hey Folks: I know I’ve read this but…

Sometimes it’s clear to me whether to put a reference (for me usually URLs) in document or project reference. And I know how to move them from one to the other. But if I put them in document and trash that document, or cut and paste the words into a new doc, I lose the references. I mean, I know they’re in the trashed document…but there’s no way to move them automatically with the text, right? Thanks, David

P.S. I know it was a pain, but it really does help to have Page Guides in Scapple. I love that program and, believe me, when I pull out my nice old-fashioned Luddite taped-together Scapple org charts even people under 30 are impressed.

Right, a document in Scrivener is kind of a like a little box with stuff stored in it. There is a title, maybe some keywords and references, probably some text. If you open the box and take just the text out of it (cut and paste elsewhere), you still have the original box with the rest of the things in it.

There wouldn’t be any way for it to work otherwise, logically. What about cutting three paragraphs (or even the entire thing) from a document implies that various pieces of meta-data such as the label, keywords or references should be applied (potentially overwriting existing values) in the document you paste the text into?

References can be dragged and dropped from one list to another. QuickReference panels are my preferred way of doing copying a reference list between items.

Glad to see Scapple print-outs are working out well!

Thanks. That’s what I figured thinking it through logically.
I just gotta be more disciplined re seeing if there are any important references in a doc before Trashing it. Using the QR panels is a good idea. I could also just start keeping more refs in higher level folders (e.g., chapters), once those are really set instead of ganging them in the Project References.

All best…