Document Scanner Recommendations?

I actually bought a CZUR scanner (ET 16) after reading about it in one of the above posts, and I am reasonably happy with it. Scanning is fairly fast, and one feature that I find especially useful is that it can automatically convert a two-page scan into two separate pages. It can also produce OCRed PDFs, but I use Acrobat to OCR the PDFs it produces. It’s also handy for scanning large documents bigger than A4.

Glad to hear that feedback. But I am just thinking that a scan at 240 dpi can not be as good as at 600 dpi. Can you adjust the DPI? Which version of Acrobat are you using? If it enhances the scan and then does ocr using “editable text and Images” it might work because Acrobat figures out what font is being used and uses that. It is no longer a bitmap image. And the adobe font is an editable vector font so no matter how big you enlarge the text there is no pixelization.

The default setting is 250 DPI, but it can be increased to 300 DPI. I have been using the default setting, which seems sufficient for my needs. I have an old version of Acrobat Pro 10, which fortunately still works on Mojave. By way of experiment, I just scanned something and created a searchable PDF with the CZUR software. There seems to be little difference with the searchable PDF created by Acrobat, and there is no pixelation when enlarging the text. But whether it would meet professional requirements I don’t know.

Thank you for the feedback. After years of scanning experience 300 dpi would be the minimum I would accept. The reason is that I have to actually use the text and I want to reduce eye strain. Acrobat Pro 10 uses “Clearscan” and “down samples it to 600 dpi.” Not sure what that means if the original scan is less than 600 dpi :confused: But whatever it means the output is excellent. What they do is replace the image of the text with a custom made font and place it in the text. The font is thus scalable to any size without pixilization. And if you you set up your commenting preferences correctly whatever text you highlight is also made into a comment, and placed in the searchable comments section.

BTW are there other models of that scanner with higher dpi?

Can you explain what is your basic need for document scanning after that i will explain you in better way. please let me know