Document Soundtrack

Some writers love listening to a particular song for a particular chapter and eventually build a detailed soundtrack for their novel.

Music helps us change mental gears, shifting between free-writing, adjusting tension, setting atmosphere for a scene, line editing, and revising.

Could we have a way to assign songs to individual documents from the media player? Adjacent documents with no assigned track would have no effect and continue playing the current song looped.

I realize there might be a way to set these manually but it seems technical.

You could link to the music file in your document reference pane in the inspector, then when you open the document to work on that scene you can just double-click the music file’s icon to start playing it in your default media player. You’d probably have to set loop on the media player yourself, but it doesn’t seem like too much work.

In the inspector, with your document open in the editor, click the little books icon at the bottom to switch to the references section. You can use the + dropdown menu to “Look Up & Add External Reference…” and browse for your music file.

It doesn’t seem like drag & drop is working yet in the reference pane, but I expect that will be coming, which will make it even easier.

I don’t have the windows version, but here is how I add a soundtrack on a Mac:

I have a complete soundtrack for my work-in-progress. For each scene I go to my iTunes library in the Users//Music/iTunes folder, find the song I want and drag it to right the document notes panel (instead of the books icon, click the notepad icon), right next to all my text notes and photos. You can just click on it and it will start playing in iTunes. Put one or more in each scene.

Only problem is if you keep your working file in Dropbox and open your Scrivener document on another laptop, you must have this song in the library of that mac also, or it doesn’t play, of course. It also doesn’t look very pretty. It’s just the full text of the file pathname.

Maybe this works for windows, too.