Document status/icon/view has changed

Hi everyone,

I’m currently freaking out over documents in my Scrivener that seem to have changed status somehow (see attached screenshot). The first two are fine, but when I click on the third one (that seems to have a synopsis icon, called ‘iPhone’) I see nothing and when I attempt a compile, it’s not included. I have no idea how this happened. I hadn’t opened the file for a while in Scrivener and this is how it showed up. Does anyone know how I can change this?

Screen shot 2012-05-29 at 12.12.40 PM.png

Thank You!

The index card icon just means that it is a text file that has a synopsis associated with it (in the inspector index card) but no actual text in the main editor area.

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Hey Keith,

thanks for your reply. The issue I have with it is that there was text in the main editor area before, but now that the icon has changed the text is gone… Any idea how I can change that?

Thank you!