Document Target and the Question Mark[FIXED]

So, I inputted a target number into the Document Target for one document, fulfilled that, and went on to another document without entering a new document goal. Well, first the Document Target stayed the same when I went to the other document, showing that I had 100% completed. I got a bit confused there (though, I admit that I didn’t think of changing the Document Target 'til later), and I started poking at it. I was kind of thinking that the document target would also apply to the second document (though, that would have been also wrong, but I was aiming for the same number of words so that just kind of slipped through), so I was kind of confused at the Document Target. And then I noticed that it was saying 100% on that one document’s goal no matter what document I was on. So, I started wondering if this was a project target instead (since I only had about a couple hundred words or so) and I wanted to figure out how to change that.

So, I clicked onto the Document Target icon and got the dialogue box and I was staring at it in puzzlement when I noticed the question mark next to the X button. I clicked on the question mark and the cursor turned into a ‘No Sign’ like the third one on this site I thought that my computer was loading the help box, since sometimes those take a while to pop up, but a couple of minutes passed and nothing changed. The cursor stayed the No Sign until I clicked on the dialogue box once more. This happens every time I click on the question mark button and the only thing that turns the cursor back to normal is clicking on the dialogue box.

And then we get back to the problem of the Document Target sticking around until you add in a Document Target for the new document. In other words, if you give Document 1 a Document Target of 100 words, write 58% and then click on Document 2, Document 1’s Document Target will stay in view until you assign Document 2 a Document Target. And setting the Document Target of Document 2 to 0 words doesn’t do anything.

… Let me know if my rambled bug report needs clarifying. :smiley: