Document target (bullseye) not showing

I’m on Scrivener 1.11. I’ve a largish project that I’ve started a while ago with a some script template. I really don’t need the template, but I was a Scrivener newbie when I started the project so I kind of accidentally dragged the template along the way.

I just realized that the bullseye document target is not showing on the lower right corner. But when I open up a new empty project it shows ok. Can the template somehow block the bullseye target icon? Is there a way to get the document target icon visible without making a big Create-New-Project-And-Copy-All-Over -process?


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If you’ve based it on a scriptwriting template, it will be in scriptwriting mode, no doubt - scriptwriting mode has a different footer area, showing the script elements. Go to Text > Scriptwriting and turn the scriptwriting mode off (top item in that submenu), or just hit command-3.

Hope that helps.
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