Document Target Notifications Appear Twice in Full Screen

Hi there. I’ve trawled the forums and am pretty sure this hasn’t been posted already…apologies if it has…

The Growl notifications for hitting (and going back under) document targets are appearing twice when writing in full screen. I’ve tried opening a new project and the same behaviour occurs. Steps to repeat:

  1. Create a new project.
  2. Set a document target.
  3. Check ‘Show target notifications using Growl’.
  4. Type until target reached, Growl notification displays correctly.
  5. Delete text and enter Full Screen mode.
  6. Type until target reached, Growl notification appears twice.

Not a big deal; just cosmetic really…

Thanks for an amazing piece of software. Been using it 9-5 for a year and a half now and still get a kick each time I start her up in the morning.


Do you have the option turned on to keep the main project window visible when in full screen? I’m wondering if perhaps both the main project window and the full screen window are generating tandem Growl reports.

Nope, I replicated this with the selection checked to hide the main window.

I can replicate the behaviour with ‘Hide main window when entering full screen mode’ either checked or unchecked.

My guess would be the notifications are being generated for both the full screen and main project windows too. It appears hiding the main window doesn’t stop the notifications being displayed.

Yeah, that’s what it sounds like. It is only hidden after all, not removed. Thanks for running the test.

Hi. FYI - this appears to have been corrected by v2.0.5.

Hm, I’m still getting in it 2.0.5 build 9496… :neutral_face:

Hmmm…I just had it happen again too, and now the duplicate notifications are popping up every time. I didn’t change any preferences within Scrivener between it working as expected and then not, so I have no idea what could have caused it. Unless I’m going mad…

(Cue Twilight Zone music)

Yup, still doubled up for me, too.
Yup, still doubled up for me, too.

If I didn’t say it was fixed in the release notes, then obviously it will still happen in 2.0.5. It’s on the (low priority) list for 2.0.6. The assumption about it being triggered in both the main window and full screen window is correct.

Ouch, I feel like a whipped dog. I was just commenting in reply to the statement that it appeared to have been corrected. No grousing intended! (Heck, I don’t care, I don’t even use document targets, let alone Growl notification for them… :wink:)

Oh, sorry, didn’t mean it like that! I was just saying. The clocks went forward to BST over the weekend so I’m short on sleep, and I’ve drank way too much over the weekend (continuing birthday celebrations, obviously), so I’m writing in a daze - didn’t mean it to come across short, just as an explanation seeing as people seem to be wondering why it’s still happening.

But of course. I think the celebration extension rule is something like one day for each year? :smiley:

Oh god, I’m too old to cope with that! :slight_smile:

Hmm. That would explain all of the 2-year-olds stumbling around like they just learned to walk.