Document templates - how to?

I want to create a document template within an overall Scrivener document. This is so that whenever I create a new text document within my draft, it automatically has certain information in it. What I want to do is have a checklist of items in the document notes, relating to scene structure.

I could just cut and paste them from somewhere of course. But it would be much faster and easier if they were automatically created every time I created a new text document.

Can this be done? I’ve searched for information on templates, but all I come up with is the overall templates, which relate to the Scriv master document. That’s not what I’m after. It’s a text document template that I want to create.

If anyone is interested, my scene checklist in the document notes is going to look something like this:

Focal character:



Turning Point:
(Read on) Prompt:

Is POV worse off or better off?
Closer to goal, or further away?
What changes?
What’s new for the characters?
Clear goal / reaction at start?
Setback / decision at end?

I know this might seem too systematic to many, but each to his own. I think this will be helpful for me, and will be a good way to use the document notes features, which I’ve ignored up until now, spilling my notes all over the top of text documents.

Any help anyone can give is much appreciated.

  1. Make the empty document that has your template. Name it TEMPLATE or some such thing, and put it somewhere where you can easily find it in the Binder.

  2. Whenever you need the template, right-click on the document and select “Duplicate”. Rename the TEMPLATE copy and start using.


I actually use keywords for some of the things you’re putting in notes.

Soon you’ll be able to do this:

But for now, as Carradee points out, duplication is the way.