Document Templates

Are document templates supported in the Windows version of Scrivener? I’ve just downloaded it, version and watched the tutorial but can’t find the “make template folder” selection in the Project menu.

Are there difference between the Mac and Windows versions? If there are is there a list of these differences?


Nope, that’s a Mac version 2.0 feature. It may not be in the cards for quite a while, since mac Scriv has a 5-6 year head-start on the newer Windows effort. On the other hand, the heavy lifting on the design side has already been done, so the development effort to catch up might be faster. Hopefully, they’ll be able to get to work on the Windows-specific video demonstrations soon, so it will be clear what the Windows version actually provides.

Yes, there’s a thread from Keith (the guy we have to thank for the very existence of Scrivener) noting the major differences here:

Overall Scrivener fits in with my intended use well, but some of these missing features are important, document templates is the first one I’ve run into that isn’t available. There are a number of others in that that that are important too.

I guess my overall question is"What is the status of Windows development?" The reason I ask is that I don’t want to go to the effort, which will be quite a bit, of setting up a workflow based on Scrivener only to find out that Windows was only intended to be just a minimal port and then forgotten.

Is the intention to apply development resources to the Windows side to get it caught up with the Mac side, so that further development can be in lock-step on both?

I’m not trying to be critical but I’d rather know up front if the Mac is the primary target and Windows is just going to be catch as catch can product.

I understand the that the Mac is a main choice of writers, but Scrivener has the potential to be much more than a word processor for writers. I can see it being a core part of my workflow developing video courses.


From the second paragraph of the linked post:

What I gather from that, and from being an active follower of the forums for almost 3 years now, is that the hope is that the Windows equivalent of Scrivener 2.0 will begin development approximately a year from the composition of that post*. In my experience, Keith is much more active on the forums, even during heavy development than is Lee (the Windows developer), who seems more like a head-down, avoid distractions kind of developer. So you won’t see a lot of progress reports from Lee, while you will see a lot more responses from KB (Kevin) in the support forum. BUT, I still get the sense that the Windows version is in constant development, trying to catch up to the last Mac version 1 release feature set.

In short: No one can predict the future, and one of the developers (Keith) has been literally hit by a bus… but I personally believe that the Windows (and soon, the iPad/iPhone) version will only slow down in the development cycle once it catches up to the Mac version.

  • These kinds of guess-timates cannot be considered sacrosanct. Developers hardly ever predict how long something will take, and rushing to a deadline results in terribly buggy implementations.

Meanwhile, you can do everything document templates provide for right now; with only one rather advanced exception, this feature on the Mac is not what we would refer to as an extension of the existing toolkit, but rather a streamlining of it. It is a convenience tool which shaves off a few steps from manual duplication—which, incidentally, is how all Mac users used Scrivener for years. So I don’t agree with you that this feature is crucial or important. Being able to export your work is important. Not needing to drag and drop something you just duplicated to another spot in the outline is time saving, but you can actually do it—that’s my point. There are some things that you literally cannot do until they are implemented, but this is not one of them.

And just to confirm everything Robert has already posted and linked you to, the Windows version is in constant development. In fact we just released a version with some “2.0” level features way ahead of schedule and even provided some options that Mac users don’t have for MathML. In general though, we intend to stick to the goal of bringing both versions up to synchronicity at the next major release increment. Don’t ask when that will be, though. :slight_smile:

OMG!!! Is Keith OK now?


It was a while ago, so yes, aside from what I hear is a Harry-Potter-esque scar and of course his megalomaniacal tendencies, he’s OK now. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that!