document templates

I want all of my documents in a project to have the same font, line spacing, and tab stops.

I create a Template folder, edit a document to match the formatting I want: Iowan Old Style, regular, 10 point, and tab stops at 1.25, 2.5 and 3.5. Then I drag this document into the Template folder and it gets a T. I name it Template.

I go to New From Template and choose the Template I just created, and text entered into it is in Cochin 14 point with tab stops every .5 inches.

When I go back to my Template it has forgotten everything I told it and is also Cochin, 14 point, etc. etc.

Why is this not working?



This post by one of the mods might help…


Briar Kit

Rather than using a template, the best way to accomplish what you want would be through the Project -> Text Preferences settings.

It sounds like either the Scrivener or Project preferences are overriding the settings in the template.


I do also recommend the already mentioned method for this particular case, but there are a couple of things you can do with templates to achieve this effect—say if you want the Draft folder items to use this template, but want some other formatting for Research files. In that case, you can set up your formatting in the template file as you previously did, however you also need to use the Format/Font/Remember Typing Style menu command. This inserts an invisible code that is removed when you create a new file from this template, it serves to store the formatting you chose while the project or document is closed.

The problem is coming from how the text engine cleans up unused formatting from files, and in fact the content files themselves will be deleted (internally, of course, it won’t vanish from the Binder but the internal file used to store the stuff you type will be cleaned up if there is nothing in it) if they are empty. Empty lines lose their formatting if you don’t type in them, for the same reason.

Next, if you select Draft and use the Documents/Default New Subdocument Type/ menu to select your template, now any file you create in the Draft folder will use this template instead of the stock blank new file (with default formatting, whether it comes from the project settings or the application).

So that is how you would establish default formatting for certain areas of the binder. If all you want is a global project override, the Project/Text Preferences… method will of course be much easier.