Document Templates

Hi all

I know how to create project templates but i would really like to set up particular document templates for things like character outlines, setting information and synopses. I can set this up in a project one but i have no idea how many character outlines i am going to need and to add a new one i have to copy and paste a blank one into my research folder etc.

Any ideas?


It’s just a matter of creating a folder and designating it as the document templates folder (I can’t recall where in Scrivener v1 that is done, but it should be covered in the manual under Help, or maybe even in the tutorial). Then you create a template document or several in that folder, and you can then create new document from those templates via menu item, keyboard shortcut (for the first one in the list), or a toolbar icon.

A quick google turned up this article for Scrivener v1 for Windows: … r-windows/

For Mac and Windows beta v3, the setting for choosing a templates folder that you’ve created in the binder is under Project->Project Settings.