Document Text Not Displaying / Application Freezing

Hi, I am using Version: - 03 Aug 2016 on a Windows 7 (64 bit) laptop with 6GB of RAM. I imported a project consisting of several hundred documents. Until recently I could click on any document or folder, whether in my Draft or Research folder, and proceed to work normally. However, over the past couple of days I began experiencing issues. I opted to post this query here rather than in the Bug forum, as I am not convinced that the behavior described below is not a result of something I have done rather than being within the application itself.

The application performed perfectly for the first 13 or 14 days of my trial period. However, I then began experiencing issues when I attempted to click on the Research folder. I first began receiving a message “The program is not responding.” After a while that would go away and the folder would display. Then it started happening on the individual documents and folders within the Research folder. As time progressed Scrivener not only stopped responding but began crashing whenever I clicked on the Research folder.

Then this morning when I cranked up my system, Scrivener is no longer displaying any of my individual documents but, oddly, accurate word/character counts are displayed at the bottom and footnotes are displayed in the right panel even though no text is displayed in the document itself. Also, I can click on a main folder within my Draft folder and see the text for all of the subdocuments within that folder. So, the text is actually there; I just can’t see it when I click on the individual documents.

I have no clue what I could have clicked on to cause this behavior. I went through a number of the menus and settings, just exploring the options but, unfortunately, I am unable to retrace all of my steps here.

Does the described behavior itself provide any clue as to what I might have done to cause this behavior?

I think I may have found part (or all) of the problem. I think I needed to set the Scrivener app to run in Compatibility mode. I’ve done that and it seems to have resolved most of the issues I described.

Have a look at the reply from SpringfieldMH inside the following thread: frequent not responding message
It might help you get an idea, what might be slowing your Scrivener application down.

Thank you.