Document title as heading on first line

In compile, how can I get the document title to automatically become a heading i the compiled document? I managed to do it in the header, but I want the document title to be a heading as a first line in the document, not in the header or footer.

Windows version 3.0.1

In the Section Layout, assigned to your Section Layout, make sure the content type Title checkbox is checked.
That’s all :wink:



Thanks for your reply.

Under section layout this I can’t find a “Text first paragraph”. It looks different from your screen. And I could not uplaod a screen shot in this post :frowning:

Every project has different Section Layouts. What’s the Layout you want to add the Title to? That one should have the Title Content type ticked…

I used a modified version of the Manuscript format. But thank you, now I got it! The compiling interface is a little confusing, or at least you have to experiment with it to get it. I think a got confused with the editable sections in the section layout.