Document zoom issues - 1.0.2 & 1.0.3b

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First things first - I want to thank to all of you for making Scrivener for Windows become a reality; you cannot imagine how I longed for this (for years, literally :slight_smile:)*.

Next, the bug (if not a feature): with Scrivener 1.0.2 (and continues in beta 1.0.3, too), changing the zoom from the status bar for an individual document changes the zoom for all other documents (both previously and newly created), overriding the default zoom set in the preferences (on Windows 7 x64). I thought that the status bar zoom was only meant for the document in view - be it a single document or a couple of docs in scrivenings mode. So that individual documents would get different zoom settings than the default set in the preferences panel; especially useful if you use a different font that requires a different zoom setting to be readable.

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*[size=85]I’d love to post a long message for this but I’m pretty sure you are all very busy with SfW out in the wild now, hence a quick congratulations just for now [/size] :wink:

Thanks for the congratulations!

The zoom is for the editor, not for a specific document in it, so this is working correctly. The default settings in Options dictate how the editor zoom is set for new projects, but once you override it in the project then that new setting is remembered. Each editor split and full screen can have its own zoom.

If you need to adjust the way a particular document appears, you’re in most cases better off changing the font size for that document. You can override the formatting at compile to standardize everything, so unless you need this document to compile exactly as you see it in the editor, you can bump up the size without worrying how it will look when printed.

Oh, I see. I must have remembered incorrectly as I thought this was the behaviour in the Mac version (I have 1.54, but crashed my machine some time ago). So, sorry for the wrong alert, and let me close this report :smiley:

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ed: Apparently, I can only [CLOSE] my latest post :laughing: Whatever…