Documentation project usage?

I thought something like this had been asked before, but right now I can’t find it.

I am trying to organize current and future system documentation using Scrivener. What I have is a large and scattered collection of Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. I want to be able to at least import the Word documents, edit as necessary, then compile or export again and recreate the separate Word documents, not a single document. Can this be done? (I need to do it this way because I am outputting the documentation for people who don’t use (or want to use) Scrivener.)

I intend to put the Excel files (none of which are very big) into a single, multi-worksheet workbook, so though I need to manage them, they’re not really a Scrivener issue.

I’m a newbie to Scrivener, so I’m not the most qualified to answer this, but it seems to me like what you’re asking is definitely doable with Scrivener. Here’s how I’d do it:

Import your assorted Word documents into the Draft section (where compiling is possible; you can’t do any compiling from the Research folder). Create a folder for each of your different documents. Split/edit each document as necessary, keeping each in its appropriate master folder under Drafts.

When you’re ready to export the edited document, just go to Compile, and choose only the folder of the document you want to compile.