Just wondering if you’d ever consider making the documentation available as a scriv project, or at least a rtf doc.

Either would make interacting with and annotating it – and searching! – much easier. But having it as a scriv project would offer a great object lesson in document production.

This all assumes the docs are done in scriv (oh please don’t say I’m wrong about that! :open_mouth: )

A brief search of the forums using “documentation scrivener format” turns up a discussion thread
that points to

See it under the Scrivener for Mac OS X heading

Thank you. That is exactly what I was looking for.

I had searched but nothing came up seemed promising – the title of that thread is unlikely to have prompted a look, tbh.

The search terms are so general they turn of everything and nothing.

Thanks again.

FYI: Ioa has pointed out that the Scrivener manual is currently written for an old version of MultiMarkDown, so the project won’t compile correctly in the default MMD distribution included with Scriv. He’s planning to upgrade the manual eventually, but it may be a while.

Let’s say I wanted to compile the manual, for self-teaching some advanced MMD/Scriv stuff. Is there a way to go about doing it? How does Ioa do it?