Documents > Convert > Text to Default Formatting... doesn't affect footnotes

Documents > Convert > Text to Default Formatting… doesn’t affect footnotes

How can I convert my footnotes as well as documents to default formatting?

If they are in the Inspector, highlight them all and then the right-click menu has that option.

Thanks - there it is.

Is there any way to apply styles to footnote text? It looks like the only way would be to convert to inline, style, then convert back to inspector.

Wait – I see – I can go to Preferences > Editing > Formatting > Different inline footnotes font > Use inline footnotes font for inspector footnotes too and then convert to default and it will use the font selected in that preference.

Not the most obvious way to do it, but Scrivener preferences are rarely obvious…

It’s worth noting that although style assignments will be stored within an inspector footnote (so that if you convert it back to inline later on it will not be lost), the assignment will be effectively inert so long as it is there. Updates to the style formatting will not be made to them, and compile-time transformations to formatting will not be performed. For all intents and purposes one isn’t meant to use styles in sidebar footnotes, you should use inline notes if you need flexible styles.

Is this true for character styles as well e.g italics?

It is true for character styles, but I wouldn’t put raw italics under that umbrella. You can use basic ad hoc formatting like that in both kinds of footnotes. Anything that is lit up in the Format menu should work as expected.