Documents disappear

Hi There,
I was just attempting to move a document around in the binder and it has disappeared. Is there a way i can search for it OR view files that might be “hidden” in the binder? It does not appear in the trash.



Try searching for the document name in the search field in the toolbar. It’s probably hiding in a folder somewhere.

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Hi Keith,
Thanks for the quick reply. I did try that–both searching the document name (nothing found) and also searching for words within the document. I have also expanded all the folders currently in my binder and it is not there.

I was trying to move it manually, by dragging and dropping it. A red line appear (as usual) in the place i wanted it to go but then it just disappeared.

I can get it–from the backup of the file that I completed–so i am not in a total panic, i just am now afraid to move things in the binder.

If you have any other suggestions for what to do or what i could look for in the manual, please send them on



Hi Laura,

If you haven’t quit Scrivener since, could you please go to ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Logs and post the content of both log files that appear there (they can be opened in a plain text editor)?

After that, what happens if you close the project and reopen it? Does it appear in a _Recovered Files folder? If the document existed and had text in it and somehow disappeared from the binder (which shouldn’t be possible), it should be recovered in a “_Recovered Files” folder upon reopening the project.

I know you said you have expanded all folders, but have you also tried going to View > Outline > Expand All (with the binder selected) to expand absolutely everything in the binder so that you can look through everything and see if it is there?

What about if you do a Spotlight search for text you know is in the file? Does that bring up the project?

Is there anything else at all you can think of that might be relevant?

Thanks and all the best,

Hi Keith
I had already quit Scrivener, and when i opened it back up I didn’t get any recovered files.

I have tried expanding all folders and it is not there.

As i said in the last reply, i had “recovered” the lost text by going to last night’s back up version and then i cut and paste it in to the current document. So when i try to “spotlight search” only that file is found–the other one is no where to be seen.

When i first lost the file, it disappeared from the binder but not from the view area, so i could still see it but was nervous that i wouldn’t be able to find it again so (for no apparent reason), i changed its icon to a lightbulb. That is the only thing i did that seems slightly weird. Other than that, it was just an attempt to move it, a disappearance and then no sign of it anywhere.

Best, Laura

For future reference, View>Reveal in Binder or Opt-Cmd-R will highlight the document in the binder.

This is very strange. If the text was there and had been saved but had somehow disappeared from the project, it should have appeared in a _Recovered Files folder. My best guess is that some exception had been thrown somewhere. If this happens again, could you please grab the Console.log file out of the Application Support folder and send it to me before quitting the program?


Thanks Keith
For the life of me i can’t find the “Library” tab or menu. Can you let me know where it is? I have tried to look at the scriv manual and the tutorial but they just make reference to it but don’t say how to get to it.
Thanks for your help

Hi Keith
Disregard my last message. I found the library!
Thanks L

Hi. This probably won’t be enormously helpful, since I can’t remember exactly what happened and haven’t saved any details of the process for you, but I just wanted to say that similar things to what Laura’s describing have happened to me too.

I would be working in a particular file within the draft folder, and I would try to do something like cut or move text (something that involved highlighting chunks of text) and as soon as I hit cmd-x or cmd-c or whatever, entire files within my draft would suddenly be gone. Like Laura, I couldn’t find them, in the trash or anywhere else, and would have to restore from older backups.

I know this is probably useless to you, Keith, since I didn’t write down any details at the time when this happened to me, but if nothing else I wanted to let Laura know she isn’t crazy and/or alone. :wink:

This is rather alarming. I had one other user report this last month - although he had the “_Recovered Files” folder appear on restarting - and I have so far not got to the bottom of it, but it seemed like an isolated case. If you see this again or can think of any details, please let me know. Unfortunately, given its rarity, it will be very difficult to investigate without something more to go on, although it is still top of my bugs list.