Documents in Outliner are in random order -- SOLVED

v2.7.1 (26120) via Apple’s App Store.

In the Binder: within a folder (chapter) I can drag files (scenes) into any order. When I look in the XML file the physical order matches that of the Binder. Reordering the files in the binder reorders BinderItems in the XML file. However, in the Outliner there seems to be no rhyme or reason to how files are ordered. And within the Outliner I’m unable to change the order by dragging. I can drag a file to be inside another file in Outliner, which affects the Binder, but that’s not what I want.

Screenshot of chapter 13.

Here’s a snippet of selected data from the XML file, with scenes in the original order. Note, even the ID numbers just happen to be in numerical order, and by chance there are no ID numbers between those shown.

<BinderItem ID="4463" UUID="55A7952F-1178-4C1B-BEB1-4EEC75D76A5D" Type="Folder" Created="2012-07-21 04:02:17 -0600" Modified="2016-04-14 12:57:44 -0600"> <Title>13 All the World's a Stage</Title> <Children> <BinderItem ID="4464" UUID="E1FE728A-99BF-4B81-B6D2-8F1AC640CB28" Type="Text" Created="2012-08-08 23:17:26 -0600" Modified="2016-04-07 05:49:10 -0600"> <Title>13.1 v0.10a</Title> </BinderItem> <BinderItem ID="4466" UUID="663B4DC7-9A75-4C89-9112-12AE4709298C" Type="Text" Created="2012-07-23 14:41:15 -0600" Modified="2016-04-07 05:49:10 -0600"> <Title>13.2 v0.10a</Title> </BinderItem> <BinderItem ID="4469" UUID="982A20B3-7D77-4F15-AAC2-87DD8E57276F" Type="Text" Created="2012-07-23 14:41:51 -0600" Modified="2016-04-07 05:49:10 -0600"> <Title>13.3 v0.10a</Title> </BinderItem> <BinderItem ID="4470" UUID="9EA44D80-F97F-4B45-9A3F-67312988477A" Type="Text" Created="2012-07-23 14:36:41 -0600" Modified="2016-04-07 05:49:10 -0600"> <Title>13.4 v0.10a</Title> </BinderItem> <BinderItem ID="4471" UUID="8C2A5442-AB08-4EEB-AA6B-65F4274401BC" Type="Text" Created="2012-07-23 14:41:51 -0600" Modified="2016-04-07 05:49:21 -0600"> <Title>13.5 v0.10a</Title> </BinderItem> <BinderItem ID="4472" UUID="9884229F-DE8D-43E1-94A1-5BEEB912AD36" Type="Text" Created="2012-07-23 14:38:14 -0600" Modified="2016-05-13 15:12:22 -0600"> <Title>13.6 v0.10a</Title> </BinderItem> </Children> </BinderItem>

As an interesting aside: I’m using UltraEdit (it’s multi-platform now) and it’s code folding function gets confused by some of the data in CustomMetaData. I’m also using Aeon Timeline (v1.2.17) and Aeon has put (code point 27) and " (code point 22) characters into the XML file. UltraEdit thinks these are magical, but Scrivener seems just fine as text between Value tags does not need to be quoted.

I’ve never seen this before. Did I do something with Scrivener’s setup function to tell the Outliner to randomize the order of the files?

Another screenshot of the Outliner madness that is now Act I.

Thanks a million.


Fellow Scriv user here. My guess: you probably accidentally /sorted/ the Outliner view by one of the columns – which might make the outline appear “random” compared to expectation.

A sorted column will have a small (up- or down-pointing) triangle in its column header.

Clicking an Outline column head initially sorts the view by that column; clicking it again reverse sorts it; clicking it a third time unsorts (de-sorts?) it.



Woah! You’re right.

If you look at my screenshots you’ll see a little smudge near then end of the column title “Target”. Also note the “Target” column is sorted. Clicking “Title and Synopsis” three times makes the little arrows go away.

Thanks a million, GR.