Documents Move To active during editing?

Is there any reason that the Documents > Move To > items couldn’t be available when one is editing a field in the outliner? This is the case in, e.g., OmniOutliner: even when you are editing a particular field you can invoke the keyboard shortcuts to promote or demote an outline element. In Scrivener 1.0 I have to stop editing the field and make sure the entire item has focus to move it. It would be nice not to have to do that, especially since just after creating an item (a likely time to want to move it) the title field, not the entire item, has focus.


I second the motion.

I’ve been testing Scrivener this month, and I find it perfectly odd and totally frustrating that the outliner acts this way. When I open a new folder, I want to be able to move it back and forth immediately, not to have to fill in something or click away and back.

This seems to me to be basic functionality.

Yes, I would also love such an addition. I like the outliner, but because of this (and some other minor inconveniences) I tend to just use OmniOutliner. As an aside, is there any way to get OmniOutliner files into Scrivener?

Hmm, try this page. That should convert your OmniOutliner outline into MultiMarkdown, which you can then import into Scrivener in the File/Import/MultiMarkdown menu command. It should then convert back into an outline structure. I haven’t tried it… but in theory.

[size=75]*No knowledge of MMD required.[/size]

Sorry, do I understand the complaint correctly? Is it just that you can’t use certain items when the field editor is active? OmniOutliner uses a completely custom-built outliner. Scrivener just uses the built-in one. I would hardly call one having to do one extra hit of the return key a violation of “basic functionality”. Note that OmniOutliner is a dedicated outliner. Scrivener’s outlining is pretty good, but it can’t - and doesn’t try to - compete with OO’s definitive functionality.

Andy - I can’t actually recreate this. “Move To” does work when you are editing a field for me. Perhaps you mean Move and not Move To? Move > Left etc is greyed out.