Documents selected in the Binder are auto-scrolled to unpredictable position

Selecting a document in the Binder, the document is scrolled to almost the bottom, the top, roughly the same spot as it was previously scrolled to, or to somewhere else in the middle. I can’t figure out what rule is applied.

But importantly, wherever the cursor had last been left is not clear, because there is no blinking text cursor anywhere.

The ideal would be for the scrollbar to return to the state it was last left in (i.e. the exact scroll position should be restored), and for the cursor to be blinking in the last location in the document where it was last left.

Usually my documents are scrolled to exactly where I had scrolled to (which is usually the end). As for cursor position, I’m not sure.

The editor should show as it was when last viewed. The cursor position should also be remembered, though it will not appear when selecting a document in the binder since focus will remain in the binder until you move it to the editor, which will replace the cursor position with wherever you click. If you’d like to move focus to the binder without altering the cursor position, you can use Navigate > Move Focus To > Editor , or Ctrl+Tab (default shortcut).

When you are seeing unusual positions, are you choosing documents or folders? and if folders are they in scrivenings mode?

Thank you for your help with this.