Docx import problem

Dear everyone.
I am a novel writer in Korea.
When imorting from docx, the original docx text color sometimes disappears.
Some files are fine and some are gone.
Is there anything special to set in this case?
I want you to tell me.

@krasus, I don’t know if this will help, but it might.

You can try exporting the document from Word as an rtf file. This is a more generally stable format, and Scrivener is friendly with it – in fact Scrivener uses it internally.

Then you simply import the rtf file into Scrivener in the usual way.

Let us know how it works, if it is better, komapsumnida :slight_smile:

I’ll give it a try as I told you.

yes - I should have said, Save As and then select Rich Text Format (*.rtf) for the document type.

You can keep your same title, as the extension letters will change.

It’s as easy as that – no ‘export’ involved…

Yeah saving a docx to rtf in Word and then importing that works much better in my experience than letting Scrivener convert docx to rtf. For example if you import a docx file, styles from word aren’t imported, whereas they are if you save it in Word to rtf before importing.