Does 1.9 installer require Admin rights

Fairly self-explanatory from the title, but do I need to have an administrator logon if I want to install the new ScrivWin? I only ask because I’ve seen a couple of posts today saying they were asked for admin elevation. I have a standard logon at work and have been just fine with 1.x until now. If I need admin rights for the install I’ll stick with what I have, but if I don’t, I might try the upgrade.


The full installer does not require admin rights. The auto-update needs to be run from the same account (with same permissions) as Scrivener was installed, so if Scrivener had been installed as an admin user, you would not be able to run the update from a standard account on the machine, even though you can run Scrivener from that account–it just doesn’t have permission to install the updates to the privileged location.

There’s a thread about this here, so I’m locking this one to keep all discussion in one place.