Does a word-like navigation pane exist in scrivener?

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I am a relatively new Scrivener user and I was wondering if Scrivener has a function similar to the Word’s ‘navigation pane’.

That is, in word, when you apply a ‘heading’ style to a sentence, then that sentence is recognised by word as a heading and if you activate the navigation pane you have on the left the list of all headings, which makes it incredibly easier to navigate throughout a document.

I understand that the same function might be performed by the Scrivener binder, but sometimes a single document is quite long and I would keep it all together, rather than breaking it into multiple chunks of text.

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Without directly answering your question, I will say that the point of Scrivener is to give you the opportunity (and value-add) to break-up “quite long” documents into smaller “chunks” as you call them. Best to think how Scrivener works and wants to work instead of trying to find equivalents in Word.

hi Rms,

thanks for your reply.

Yes, I see your point!

However, as an academic writer working with extremely dense documents it would be great to have an additional tool to navigate more easily inside text files.

Or maybe you are right, I should take each text file as (what would be in word) a section!



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That’s what it is, mos def.

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