Does anybody create custom templates? I'd like to buy one

I need a fiction template that has the following structure. Scrivener is capable of all this, but I just don’t have the time to get it put together properly. I can’t even figure out how to make tabs work; I hit ‘tab’ and I get a carriage return. Grrrr. Happy to pay someone who really knows what they are doing.

Front Material

  • title page
  • quote
  • dedication
  • character list
  • maps
  • author’s note

[page numbering starts here]:
Section 1: Title (probably six sections) with introductory quote on same page
Chapter x
Chapter x
Chapter x …
Section 2: Title, introductory quote
Chapter x
Chapter x
Chapter x…

Author’s Notes (again)

Notes: front material: Ariel, 12 pt, single spaced
main manuscript: Courier, 12 pt, double spaced (with the exception of chapter titles)

First page of each chapter starts 1/3 down the page. The chapter heads should look like this (but centered and single spaced):
Chapter 2
2 July 1887

In the Research section I need the following:
Notes - Plot
Notes - History
Notes - Language
Chronology overview
Contemporary news items
Article summaries

Could somebody help me with this? I would be eternally thankful. Also if you could tell me about the tab thing. I just want a tab when I hit ‘tab’ and not a carriage return. Many thanks for whatever help you can provide.

As to the tab thing: I am guessing that your paragraphs have NO tab stops set. So, hitting the Tab key does not visually present in the way you expect. If you want to use an initial tab character as a way of indenting paragraphs, you need your paragraph format to have a tab set at the indent depth you want.


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Thank you, gr, in fact I had been assuming that tabs were already set. So that’s fixed.

There is a huge crowd of Scrivener lovers out there, who run dedicated websites and blogs, etc etc. I thought somebody must be providing expert advice and charging for it, but it seems not to be the case. Unless I’m looking in the wrong place?

We can do a Zoom session if you like, to get you going.

Find me. at or drmajorbobajorbobajorbob at]. I’m usually available noon to 5 or after 10 (for a while), central (Texas) time.