Does anyone here use Hot Plan?

Dear Scriveners,
I rarely add to the discussions here, but read the forum RSS daily. I’ve learned much from you. Scrivener is my most valued software, the first one I install on my computers, the one I use most, the one I tell everyone about. And you are my most trusted source for questions about writing, software, hardware, and technical queries for Scrivener and others. Thank you.

I have a question. Recently I came across this project planning software — Hot Plan — and was wondering if anyone on this forum has heard about it, has tried it, is using it, and/or is familiar with it. I could not find much about it, except that it’s included in a mini-bundle. I’ve downloaded the program it and it seems interesting although clunky. There is no forum or users page, which worries me. This is the developer’s web site:

Any information, advice, praise or complaints about Hot Plan would be helpful. In addition to writing and lecturing, I co-manage a film business with my husband and am co-managing care for my elderly mother. It’s been tricky to keep it all together…

Muchas gracias,

I think you’d be better off getting this thread moved to Software by Other Folk, which would seem to be a more appropriate place for it. It’ll get more of the right sort of response there.

I’m afraid I’ve never heard of Hot Plan myself.

Cheers, Martin.

Hi Esmeralda,

I’d never heard of it either, until I read your post. But, because I was once in the market for something similar, I had a look. There’s a gap between task managers like Omnifocus at one end of the scale, and project managers like Merlin, at the other. This appears to fill the gap, and is a lot less expensive than most of those. There are one or two other applications I’ve come across that are similar (such as Process by Jumsoft), but this seems to have more and better features. Obviously I can’t say whether it’s buggy or not.


Thank you, Martin and Hugh, for your responses.

I’m trying the program and, like Hugh says, it seems to be somewhere in between OmniFocus and Merlin. I did write to the developer and he responded quickly and answered my questions. Hopefully the program will work for me.