Does anyone use Hot Plan from Intuiware?

Dear Scriveners, (Post moved from Tips & Tricks)

I rarely add to the discussions here, but read the forum RSS daily. I’ve learned much from you. Scrivener is my most valued software, the first one I install on my computers, the one I use most, the one I tell everyone about. And you are my most trusted source for questions about writing, software, hardware, and technical queries for Scrivener and others. Thank you.

I have a question. Recently I came across this project planning software — Hot Plan — and was wondering if anyone on this forum has heard about it, has tried it, is using it, and/or is familiar with it. I could not find much about it, except that it’s included in a mini-bundle. I’ve downloaded the program it and it seems interesting although clunky. There is no forum or users page, which worries me. This is the developer’s web site:

Any information, advice, praise or complaints about Hot Plan would be helpful. In addition to writing and lecturing, I co-manage a film business with my husband and am co-managing care for my elderly mother. It’s been tricky to keep it all together…

Muchas gracias,


Thanks for pointing out Hot Plan. I have just downloaded it and begun exploring its features. It feels like it has the right balance of functionality and ease of use for my needs. I like this simple but handy feature: the ability to add a separator in the list pane on the left, to help organize my various projects. After I’ve used it a bit more, I’ll post any other thoughts I have. Thanks, again.


One deficiency I’ve found is no ability to set recurring tasks – unless I missed it. Not a deal breaker, but it really should be a standard feature for serious task managers.