Does Beta = Trial?

Hi! I was wondering if, like the trial for the Mac version, the beta of Scrivener for Windows will stop working/run out after the first thirty days of use?

I was going to try Scrivener out during NaNo, but that plan may be a bit problematic if I can’t use the program for the last five days of writing. :smiley:

Since the for-pay version won’t be ready until early next year, I’d be REALLY surprised if they did that… I think they’d have a riot on their hands. :slight_smile:

I’m just another impatient person waiting for the beta, so I could always be wrong… but I sorta doubt it on this one.

That would be tragic! No, the beta will continue on until the release of the paid version sometime early next year. There will be updates occasionally since the developers will be fixing the bugs and so on, so there may be times when your version “expires” because they want to force you to move to the updated version so your bug reports are current and relevant, but you’ll be able to keep working with all your stuff and the updates are typically painless. So if you want to test out the beta for Nanowrimo, go for it!

Also, random side note, for that very reason there’s actually a special Nanowrimo trial version of the Mac version which extends a bit on either side of November to give people a chance to write the whole novel and clean it up and export it after they’ve recovered from the post-November collapse. :wink:

Yup, the Nano editions have an extended trial so you can break the software in prior to November, and get a little post-marathon editing and compiling done in December. As for the Windows beta, yes it will be time-bombed, but only in a sensible and traditional way to keep betas from going on forever. If you don’t time-bomb a public (or even private) beta, people end up using them for years and submitting ancient bugs over and over. There will always be a release that comes out prior to this expiration, even if the expiration extension is the only update that exists.