Does "Conflicts" folder auto-generate? (can I delete it?)

I know, I know…a weird question. The main reason I need to ask it is because Scrivener has been SO good at syncing. I’ve been going back and forth between iPad and Mac for weeks with absolutely no Conflicts errors.

But today I got one. All fixed, all taken care of, no changes lost—we’re good.

But now I’m looking at the yellow Conflicts folder on my Mac, I don’t remember seeing it before today, and I would really like to delete it. Because if that folder “auto-generates” when a conflict shows up, then I can count on Scrivener to re-create it next time there’s a conflict, right?

Dumb logic, and my own admittedly silly perfectionism wanting a cleaner Binder view, I know. But anyway, does anyone know? Can I delete the folder without worry, knowing it will reappear when the next conflict rears its ugly head?

Yes, you can delete the Conflicts folder when you’re done with it. It will come back if needed.