Does High Sierra introduce bugs with text editing (bulleted lists in particular)?


I am testing MacOS High Sierra, and deciding if this is the time to upgrade. I also am back using Scrivener after a few months of not using it.

I am noticing lots of annoying bugs when I am editing bulleted lists. I know that Scrivener tries to use Apple’s built-in text editing system, and I suspect, from what I have read here, that this leaves much to be desired when it comes to editing bulleted lists.

My question is simple though: Are there known bugs or limitations in Scrivener running under High Sierra that don’t occur in Sierra, and would this be a reason to put off upgrading my OS?

No, High Sierra doesn’t break anything in the text system (and actually fixes a couple of things). It breaks plenty of other things, but I’ve patched everything I know of. Now, iOS 11 on the other hand… That completely broke the text system.

Very helpful. Thank you.