Does KDP pick up cover in Scrivener .mobi file?

I’ve seen conflicting reports on whether KDP will pick up the cover that we place into our compiled .mobi files. Does uploading our .mobi files also take care of the book cover? And if we need to upload the cover separately and our .mobi files already have the cover will that image somehow show up twice? Also: Do we need to upload a separate thumbnail or does Amazon auto-generate that?

  1. Uploading a .mobi file with an embedded cover does give Amazon everything they need.

  2. You can upload the cover separately as well, without the image showing up twice. The advantages of doing this are (a) you get some control over the size of the .mobi file, which is important given that the larger the size of the file, the more Amazon charges the author (as a commission on the sale price) each time the book is downloaded by a reader; (b) you get to use a high-res photo/cover on Amazon’s websites, but a smaller photo/cover in your .mobi file.

  3. The thumbnail is generated automatically.

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