Does "Notebooks" work well with Scrivener?

I’ve recently bought an iPod Touch and discovered the Notebooks App by Alfons Schmidt that works with Scrivener on my iPod, but I can’t find out if I can actually edit my Scrivener documents on my iPod. Are you aware of any better Apps that work with Scrivener on the iPod Touch?

P.S. One reviewer of Notebooks said you could only edit text notes and that if you synch a rich text note you cannot edit. (Pardon my ignorance but is my document I’ve written with Scrivener considered to be text notes or rich text notes?)

Yes, you can edit the text files that you export out of Scrivener. You’ll want to use the File/Sync/with External Folder... command to do so, which allows you to export pieces of your draft to plain-text (which the iPod needs, as the reviewer pointed out) into a Dropbox folder. These files can then be editing in anything on your computer, or any mobile app that supports Dropbox, such as Notebooks. Edits that you make will be synchronised back into Scrivener the next time you run that menu command.

You’ll want to read §13.2 (pg. 107) in the PDF manual. There are some things to note, and the interface and workflow will all be explained there.

There is also a video tutorial for this topic.

Thank you AmberV, sorry it took so long to get back here, but I appreciate your instructions and will give them a try!