Does PC to Mac transfer = disaster?

I currently own a PC, and am saving up for a Macbook Pro. Mostly because of Scrivener (although there are a couple of other reasons. Really.) I’m nearly there, and rather excited about it. In the meantime, I’ve been playing with Scrivener for Windows, learning my way around it.

Today I’ve been working on moving all the information on my novel from the various scattered places on my laptop into Scrivener, and it occurred to me to wonder - will it be possible to import my information from my PC to the MacPro when I finally get it, or am I going to be repeating everything I’ve done today?

The Windows and Mac (2.0 and up) versions are compatible, so you’ll be fine. One thing you may see, depending how soon you do the transfer, is that inline annotations from the Windows version will appear in the Mac version with the wrapper code rather than as Scrivener annotations; it’s a known bug and will be fixed by the 1.0 Windows release, but if it hasn’t been corrected by the time you switch to Mac, you can follow these directions to do a quick Find/Replace in each of your projects to correct it; no data is lost.

Thank you Jennifer - I appreciate your quick response. I’m looking forward to settling in amongst the Scrivener community. :slight_smile:

So this means that I can buy Scriv for my Windows machine and buy a copy for my dad’s Mac (which is the computer that is usually brought traveling) and put my .scriv file on his computer, write there and then copy it back to my Windows machine?

Yes. :slight_smile:

And keyboard shortcuts aside, you won’t find working that way to be too jarring either. Most of the menu commands are the same, and the overall layout of the application is very similar. It should be a pretty intuitive switch even if you only occasionally use the other platform.

YES!!! I wonder if I can get on of my friend’s Nano Scriv codes that they aren’t using…

I didn’t notice much of a workflow problem, when I was regularly switching between macs and PC’s. I did, however, discover that the - key on the number pad doesn’t eject a CD on a PC.