Does portable Scrivener write in registry?


According to the manual for Scrivener 1.5 For Windows it is possible to copy an installation over to flash drive, making a portable copy (see page 18).
When such a “portable” version is used on another computer, will it write to the registry?

I’ve got a laptop through school and I’m not allowed to run any programs which write to the registry, so will it be safe to run Scrivener on it (either from USB or copying it over to the computer’s hdd)?

Thanks in advance

No one knows about this?

Yes, program preferences and so forth get written to the registry, as well as registration information. Folders and files may also be created in the user AppData folder–this is where automatic backups are stored by default, as well as user-created project templates and saved compile presets and the personal wordlist. A folder is also created for the Scratch Pad notes, I believe in the Documents by default (this can be set in Options). Working from an installation on a thumbdrive may also prevent the spell check from working properly, as the necessary files for that won’t have been installed–it’s possible if you already have Aspell installed from some other program that it will run, but it’s not guaranteed.

Okay, thanks. That’s what I thought.
Guess I’ll have to come up with another method to write on my laptop then. D:

(Old thread.) A portable Scrivener would be wonderful.

Setting up similar installations in more than one place is easy enough and not too inconvenient. I don’t use templates, so the only thing on c: I concern myself is the wordlists.ini, and the keyboard and preferences files which I keep in my projects and backup tree. But styles get lost. And if I"m not mistaken one or both toolbars.

For the most part it feels fairly portable. But an being able to have a single self-contained portable install would be great.

I have always tried to keep as little of my own work off c:, including templates and ini-type files that are in some way mine. I like to avoid installing programs on c: whenever possible. Portability seems to both follow from and feed into that approach. As does mobility, though the two are not the same.

Not sure if anyone will stumble across this thread again, but I did some testing, so far with Scrivener 3.0, you can run it from a USB drive, or external hard drive. You’ll just have to activate it as you normally would if installed. You will get a warning telling you that the program will work better if it is installed right on the system as opposed to running from the USB.