Does rst autonumbering work in the footer?

In reading through the Scrivener Manual, I could not find anywhere that resetting the stream can be applied to the footer, only in the text and prefix/suffix areas. I have a back matter document containing nine appendices. I want each new appendix to restart numbering, e.g. A-1, B-1, C-1 etc. Autonumbering works fine except that <$rst> doesn’t work, regardless of using <$rst><$p> or <$rst_p> in the footer. The compiled output shows the placeholder as I typed it in the first case; and in the second case, the footer shows <$rstp_>, which is mysterious.

Is this a bug or a feature?

Why in the footer specifically ?
Why not in those sections’ prefix ?

I tried the prefix, but it placed <$rst> placeholder in front of the title.
I am trying to reset page numbering.

I am not even sure <$p> can be reset. It is listed in a completely different section of the placeholders’ list.

I think you may though succeed if you set the compile format to use a different header and footer for back matter, don’t have <$p> in the footer but rather <$n:page> and then reset that in those section’s prefix. (It is a big “perhaps”. Can’t say it’ll work for sure, but worth trying.)

[EDIT] Nevermind. Just tried : numbering doesn’t work in the footer. (I am running the Windows version by the way.)

You might have to post-process it in a third party wysiwyg text editor…

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<$p> auto page numbering works in the footer, just the <$rst> doesn’t. Back and front matter (from the manual) uses a different formatting structure so there are actually three formatting styles going into the PDF output: front matter, back matter, and main content.
My current (adequate work around) is having consecutive page numbers through the back matter section (e.g. A-1, B-11, C-22, etc) which is ok with me.
Thanks for the <$n:page> suggestion though.
I am on a Mac.

Easy to post-process in any third party wysiwyg text editor.

Yes. But <$rst> is intended for <$n> and the likes. Which do not work in the footer.

So the answer is likely : No. Can’t reset the page number. Post process it.

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Out of curiosity : Did you really get <$p> to reset before the back matter ? How ?

Attached are the settings for the First Pages of my Appendices document. Main Body and Facing Pages have a different setting (of course). Again, note that although I have <$rst> in the footer, it does not reset. The Appendix starts with 1 because of the compiler; it is not being reset.