Does scapple 1.3 break cross-platform compatibility?

First of all, thanks for making scapple for both Windows and OSX, I use both, so seamlessly cross-platform apps are essential to me (my PhD lab is a Mac only zone, but I also do PhD work on my Windows box at home). My question is - if I update to Scapple 1.3 on OSX will I still be able to edit files created/edited in 1.3 in Scapple for Windows? I presume that any connection labels created in 1.3 won’t be visible on Windows yet, but will the files still work on Windows or are there under-the-hood changes that break compatibility? If so I’ll stick with 1.2 for now.

Also, are there plans to port the connection labels feature to the Windows version?


P.S. Scapple is the best planning/brainstorming app I’ve ever used, and I must have tried at least 10. It is the only thing that beats pen and paper for me. Kudos for creating such a great piece of software.