Does Scriv 3.1 experience the same crashes when working with tables as Scri 1.9 does?

I only recently learned that Scrivener version 3 exists. At the moment I have no plans to upgrade because 1.9 does me fine. However, I use a few tables to summarise plot/character stuff for easy reference so I can view the information in more than one column (while retaining the freedom to have a second editor as well).

But Scriv 1.9 is notorious for freezing constantly when you add/remove new columns and rows. If Scriv 3.1 is free of this issue, I may find myself making the upgrade. Have any of you experienced the same crashes in 3.1 while working with tables?

I’d advise downloading the free trial of V3 and testing for yourself. Freezes are often very system and data dependent, so the most accurate test will be one with your system and your data.