does Scriv do this?

I’m new to Scriv, but I love it. However, I can’t seem to get something to work and thought perhaps this is a feature I think is there but actually isn’t.

I set up the research area of my binder to point to folders on my drive where I keep my research files - word docs, pdfs, etc, where I have notes and what not. I added a bunch of new files to several of these folders in the last couple of days, but this new stuff is not showing up in my binder. I assumed that if I updated/changed a folder on my hard drive, that Scriv’s binder would update as well. Is this not the case? Do I need to go in and add files into the binder everytime I make changes to files on the hard drive? OR is there a setting I missed and failed to set up properly so that it will automatically update the binder contents?


What you probably have in your binder is a copy of the folder you originally dragged in there, plus anything it contained. So no, changes to files made outside of scrivener will not be reflected in the binder or the files therein.

The binder doesn’t currently do short-cuts to files outside of it, and it’s something I’m not sure the developers are keen to implement, since a lot of us Scriveners transport our projects between multiple computers, which would break the links between Scrivener and the external files.

There are ways to create links to files outside of scrivener, but those links won’t show up in the binder; they’ll have to be inside a document or some of it’s metadata.

As Robert said, the files that you have in your binder are copies of the original ones you dragged in. When you import a file to the binder, Scrivener copies that file into the project folder, so it’s no longer associated with the original file external to the project; edits you make in that original file won’t affect the version inside Scrivener. It sounds like what you want here is not to import these but rather to use Project References to give yourself a bunch of links to the original files. In the inspector, click the footer icon that looks like a stack of books, then click the arrow in the header bar that says “Document References” to switch it to “Project References” if necessary. You can drag files into here from Explorer and it will create aliases rather than importing into the project, so double-clicking the icon will open the external file and you’ll see any changes that you make to these files outside of Scrivener.

thanks MM! I will try that and/or adjust my researching methods accordingly. :slight_smile: