Does Scrivener 2.6 heart OS X 10.11 El Cap?


Just wondered if anyone knows if the current build of Scrivener (2.6) works with OS X 10.11 El Cap.

Public beta looming…


Briar Kit

It has been reported to be working on the macrumors forums at least: … s.1890772/

I’m sure we’ll get a better answer from the big K however.

Many thanks. Appreciated. :smiley:

To the best of my (limited) knowledge, we aren’t yet prepared to say one way or the other.

As with all beta software, test at your own risk and keep good backups.


TVM. Think I’ll try the El Cap beta on one machine and see how that fares. The lure of the new. :open_mouth:

From what I’ve heard it works pretty well, and even compiles without too many warnings. However The Old Captain itself is a swampy mess of bugs. But what can you expect from a DP1?

A swampy mess of bugs…you’ve sold it to me. :stuck_out_tongue: