Does Scrivener copy italics to the clipboard?

In going back and forth between Scrivener and my word processor, I find that I can’t transport formatting like italics out of Scriv and into other software by copying and pasting. I’ve tried WordPad, Word, and Nota Bene, and in none of these do italics come through. When I look at the text on the clipboard using ClipCache, it is labeled as Rich Text or Unicode, but has no italics. However, sometimes an HTML version is copied to the clipboard, and this is fully formatted. I find that the only way I can get italics, underlining, etc., into a word processor is to save a document as a temporary RTF file and import it into the other program. Is there no way to do this more simply?

It is a font issue perhaps? Try something basic like Times New Roman. I’m not sure how Nota Bene works, but I know Word will fake italics if the font doesn’t have that variant (by just tilting all of the letters), and WordPad probably does likewise, but Scrivener won’t, it needs a font that has an italic set.

It’s Calibri, which definitely has italics. I just tried a test using TNR, though, and when a short sentence was copied to the clipboard, there was an HTML version with italics, bold, and underlining, and a Unicode version with none of these. MS Word, of course, can paste HTML, so it can bring the formatting over. Few other word processors are capable of HTML pasting.

The problem seems to be that Scrivener is not copying formatting such as italics or underlining when placing RTF or Unicode on the clipboard. If that’s the way Scriv operates, OK, I’ll work around it. But I am curious as to why that is.

Sorry to be coming from the Mac side,
But I’ve noticed a real difference between
Paste and Paste and Match Style
The latter always reproduces formatting
Including spacing, of the document underway.
It’s a great way to turn single-spaced research notes
Into double-spaced essay copy.
If you have that command in the Windows version,
I would try that.
(On Saturday I begin to learn Scriv for Windows.) :open_mouth:

The problem the OP described, as I understand it, is to do with pasting from Scrivener to other applications. There doesn’t seem to be any rich-text formatted option on the clipboard for another application to grab. This is on the bug list, along with a few other cross-application paste limitations, and I think it will be addressed by some of the under-the-hood overhauls that are slated for the next major release.

Thanks, MM, good to know!