Does Scrivener have a built in text to voice feature?

I searched the forum and found several references to this feature, but cannot find it. I’m using the 27 Jan 2015 version. Can someone point this newbie to the right place?



Text to voice is a Mac OS X feature (not a Scrivener one).

On a Mac, users can deploy text to voice in any app, including Scrivener.

If there is a text to voice facility in the Windows OS, I assume Scrivener for Windows would be able to use that…but TTV isn’t a feature built into Scrivener itself.

Thank you, I feel more reassured my old brain is still operating because I could not find any links to
a voice function in Scrivener.


If text to speech is important to you, you might want to check out these two text readers.

  1. MWS Reader 5
  2. Ivona Reader

I’ve used several and have found these to be the best, at least for me. They’re not free, but not prohibitively expensive, and both work well with Scrivener for Windows. Ivona has some really nice American English voices available (at an additional cost), but you can try them out for free.

Hope this info is useful.

Good luck.


Thank you Dick.