Does Scrivener headers & footers support images and font colors?

I don’t see how in the settings, but really hoping it does.

If not, I’m wondering if anyone’s found any work arounds to do so (besides turning off headers/footers and turning every page into an image).

I’m printing a book in color and I’d like to have the text/page numbers in color at the header as well as a little jpg design line, or even a text based dash or horizontal line, along the footer.

Can’t quite be done.
You would have to use an app dedicated to book formatting after compiling your project, as Scrivener is rather designed to focus on content development.

As for the images, I think though that @drmajorbob has some sort of a how to / workaround.
And so I just tagged him in my post.
(Although if you end up using a third party app, there wouldn’t be that much of a point in going for a workaround…)

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