Does Scrivener import RDF files?

Zotero (bibliographic software) will export files in RDF format (I don’t mean .rtf). Can Scrivener import these? It seems not? It would allow me to export notes I have made and attached to bibliographic entries in Zotero into Scrivener. Using Windows version of Scrivener (beta).

Maybe try the Scrivener for Windows sub-forums (not the Scrivener for Mac OS X)?

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Moved topic to Windows Tech Support.

While the platforms are different, I think the fundamentals will be the same, and in this sense using Zotero with Scrivener is no different than the rest. You need to make use of the placeholder system, where you copy placeholders out of Zotero and paste them into Scrivener. Then, once you are done you compile as RTF and use Zotero to scan the RTF and style the citations appropriately, removing the placeholders.

As for RDF, there is no support for that format on either platform.

Zotero, under its “Action” cog icon allows RTF scan and additionally, export to RDF format and I gather from its forums that you can also import RDF. ( see for instance, … df-format/ ). However I believe RTF scan is the way most people add bibliographic items to Scrivener. I just have to play with it a bit to figure it out.