Does Scrivener on iPad support Snow Leopard sync?

I’ve been finding it impossible to get Scrivener on the iPad app to sync with my Snow Lion desktop.

So I’m wondering if it’s because my desktop still runs Snow Leopard?

Because I have $5000 worth of software and equipment that will be obsolete if I upgrade to Sierra, I have no plans to ever upgrade. So does anyone know if my version of Scrivener work with iPad?


2.8.1 works perfectly so you shouldn’t have any problems.

What is it that doesn’t work?

Thanks for the reply. Basically nothing works.

I updated my Mac desktop version of Scrivener - to the latest. I just downloaded the iPad Scrivener app a day ago.

BUT I have had NO luck in getting the project sync to work. When I get a project downloaded to my iPad from dropbox, the error message is ‘This is an outdated Scrivener file and will not work. Please update the software’. I did that, but no change.

I’ve read other users having the same complaint about trying to work on both the desktop and their iPads. They do not seem to play together well. I’ve tried moving the project while closed to the various App folders on my desktop dropbox - but still no luck. Too many bells and whistles basically for me. I do NOT need to have 15 color coded folder options in a giant hierarchy of nested Scrivener files for my work. All I want is just plain simple text!!!

So now I just write my iPad text from an email and mail that to myself and the cut and paste it into the desktop Scrivener. So at least that works - and is easier than trying to drag projects and send them up and back through dropbox.

My main complaint with Scrivener is this very over-complexity - too many bells and whistles. Oh, and the help videos are impossible to find. There is one video on youtube that shows the process of syncing through dropbox - but it doesn’t work when I try it. Anyhow, thanks for the response. Glad to know someone can get it to work. And it’s not like I’m a digital beginner - I have created dozens of children’s books and even interactive ebook apps myself - but I can’t seem to get Scrivener to work. lol!

An error message like that is usually the result of an incomplete sync on one end or the other, for example if you start syncing the iPad before the Mac finishes uploading the project. The “outdated version” message in this case could result from critical files that identify its version being missing.

I would try loading the project using basic technology. If you can upload the project using the iTunes file sharing tab that would be easiest way to confirm whether it is an issue with the software or one of the countless conditions that exist in between your Mac and iPad when using sync tech.


I get either one error message that says ‘No Scrivener project found on Dropbox’

Or the other message is ‘Unsupported project file format’ - which I find odd since it’s a scrivener file.

Ugh. I never had these problems with Textilus. It just plain worked.

I’ve never tried linking anything to iTunes. Anyhow, thanks.

Please make sure that you have Scrivener 2.8.1 on the Mac. Older versions use a different project format and are not compatible with iOS Scrivener.


There’s a detailed guide to Dropbox syncing here: … g-with-ios

And a troubleshooting guide here: … os-syncing


Thanks for all that. I do have 2.8.1.

I did finally manage to get my iPad to link to a file on dropbox - by only by first going to the sample project file step by step and somehow getting into dropbox from there. So I’m glad to see that it IS possible to connect, even though all the other ‘normal’ things I’ve done don’t work.

But now I’ll keep trying since it worked that once.


It sounds as if you are using “Sync to external folder” which you used with Textilus. Don’t!

With Scrivener you just save the project in the correct Dropbox folder and then open it on the iPad. Save, and Open. Nothing else.

Yeah, just use the Finder to move your .scriv project into you Dropbox folder. Dropbox will automatically sync that to its server.

In iOS Scriv, assuming you have Scriv set to look into the same subfolder of your Dropbox, you shoukd be able to see and open that project there.