Does Scrivener Preserve Formatting Work with Kindle?


Would you help?

Trying to finesse Scrivener into retaining Preserve Formatting instructions for this Arial, 8-point passage:

Although the passage is marked “Preserve Formatting”…


…and, I’ve tried both turning “As-Is” ON and OFF…

The resulting “pages” in Kindle are displayed as Times New Roman and 12 (possibly, 13) point. (Because this forum limits the number of attached images to 3; regrets, cannot post a screenshot).

Hence this plea. How can “Preserve Formatting” be configured in Scrivener to assure the resultant Kindle rendering retains the desired formatting?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Plane Wryter

Ebooks display text proportionally. You should be able to keep that text smaller than other text (just as title text can be larger), but the reader can choose the font scale and face that they want.

For example, if that text is 80%, the body text is 100%, and the chapter titles are 120% then those proportions will be maintained when the reader increases or decreases the size of the text on their reader. The author/publisher cannot set a font to a fixed point size in an ebook.

Yes, as noted you won’t find any point size declarations in an e-book. Body text is just left alone, and everything else is calculated relatively off of it. So, by that token, if you have no body text, you may get weird results when compiling, because Scrivener is just going to pick whatever formatting style is most common, call that default, and calculate everything off of that. Thus, if the most common body of text in your test compiles is the copyright page, you won’t see fine print. Dump a few thousand words of dummy text into a chapter and see if it works better.

After dozens and dozens of trials–without success–I give up trying to figure out Scrivener compile.

Is it possible to hire someone to coerce Scrivener into generating the desired formatting?

If you are a Scrivener eBook Compile Maven who’d like to earn a fee (and this frustrated author’s undying gratitude), please REPLY! Many thanks in advance!