Does Scrivener really not allow you to see footnotes on the page until compile?

I love Scrivener and I am using it for college. I can see the footnotes at the bottom of the page when I hit compile, but is there a way to see it at the bottom of the page on Page View before compiling? I’d appreciate the clarification on how to see footnotes at the bottom. Otherwise, you don’t know how your paragraphs are going to turn out until you press compile.

Thank you!

Scrivener isn’t wysiwyg and page view is only meant to give you a rough overview. As you can compile to lots of different formats, Scrivener can’t show you what the final output will look like until you have compiled to a specific format. It depends on how you compile the output.

Scrivener’s basic philosophy is “write first, fix layout when you’re done.” So focus on the writing and bother about layout when you are done.

Until you Compile, Scrivener doesn’t even know how big a page is. Page View is only a best guess.

  1. If you meant you are a college student using it for college papers, well I am confident that nobody at college cares where exactly your paragraphs break!

  2. What would you do with the preview you are imagining? Would you change the content of your paper depending on how a paragraph broke? Probably not. I hope not. So, what you are concerned about has nothing to do with the composition or content of your work.

You probably have access to Word through your college, if not otherwise, so it is easy to open your compiled output and finnick with page layout there.

An interest in the fine points of typography and page layout are legit interests — I certainly have them too — but, as others have pointed out, they are not the primary focus of Scrivener.


P.S. Merely as a point of interest: the Page Preview mode was originally introduced specifically for scriptwriters. Scripts are set in a highly conventionalized format and page count is a coin of the realm in the profession.