Does the iOS app use .scriv files? Can they be in iCloud?

I use Scrivener for Mac. The folder that houses my .scriv files currently lives in my main Documents folder in OS X. With Mojave, Apple allows that folder to reside in iCloud so that it can be synced across devices. I have enabled that feature; I can see the same files whether I access the Documents folder on my Macbook, my iPad, or my iPhone.

Is this effectively the iCloud syncing we’ve been waiting for?

I do not yet own Scrivener for iOS. Can anyone confirm whether it opens the same .scriv files that the desktop version does? Can it navigate to folders visible in the iOS Files app? If the iOS version can read/write the .scriv files stored in my iCloud Documents folder, then I’ll buy a license and start using it this week.

(I do have three Dropbox accounts, but I do not intend to use Dropbox for .scriv files. I am trying to consolidate quite a lot of tech this year and streamline my workflow to use fewer apps, especially third-party ones.)

Using the iCloud Desktop & Documents feature while you have Scrivener projects in them is a known way to corrupt your project. The issue as I understand it is that the iCloud feature expects you to interact with each off-loaded file individually, at which time, you wait for that file to be downloaded to your Mac from iCloud before being able to open it. Scrivener projects are made up of many (potentially thousands) of individual files that it needs to be immediately available to it when you select the corresponding binder entry. So Scrivener doesn’t get its file, assumes that binder entry was empty, creates a blank one, and then iCloud gets confused and does something bad with the original (maybe just wiping it out).

Dropbox (for the desktop) doesn’t do this; it downloads everything from down to your hard drive, and all changes you make locally are mirrored up to as soon as possible. That’s why Dropbox is the only officially supported synchronization service to use with iOS Scrivener. Note that if you’re doing this, you have to use the same dropbox account on both iOS Scrivener and your Mac.

So, if you use iCloud for Desktop & Documents, put your Scrivener projects elsewhere, or your risk corruption of your writing project.

Yes, iOS Scrivener uses the same project format as Mac Scrivener. No, it cannot navigate to or open projects from locations in the iOS Files app. Dropbox remains the only supported tool for synchronization with iOS Scrivener.