Does the iOS version support rtl?

Couldn’t find anywhere if it does…

Support it in what way? Any file of any kind can be imported to research or anywhere but the Draft/Manuscript – but that’s as a “black box”, just a file unchanged and untouched by Scrivener. Import to the Editor in Draft/Manuscript is limited to images … and not many image types at that. Scrivener documents are RTF files, so an image can’t be viewed in the Editor if it’s not supported in RTFs as an import. Very few apps open RTL, so I doubt it’s supported.

Look for “supported file formats” in the manual.

I think this question refers to Right-to-left script - Wikipedia

It’s guesswork either way.

If I had to guess – I’d say yes.

macOS Scrivener supports RTL languages, if the iOS app doesn’t, it would break compatibility. But I can’t check right now.

That’s if Raster Transfer Language (or some other rtl) isn’t meant. But right to left seems more likely, since you mentioned it.

Scrivener for iOS uses a text engine provided by Apple. It does, in theory, support right-to-left languages, but in practice we’ve seen reports of problems from users trying to use RTL languages. Unfortunately, as we can’t make any changes to Apple’s text tool, there’s nothing we can do to improve it.